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"djé" (v.) "gather"

"bé" (n.) "peace."

According to the Bambara people in Mali, the name of the djembe comes from the saying "Anke djé, anke bé" which translates to

"everyone gather together in peace."


The Djembe doesn’t see race. It doesn’t see color. It doesn’t see gender. What the djembe sees is the heart.


When you play with us at HoloRhythm, it is our mission for you experience joy. We hope you learn something new and exciting. We hope that together, in peace and harmony, we can experience our hearts.


Welcome to HoloRhythm Community Drum School. We are a school centered around the traditional music of West Africa. But we are more than this. When one picks up a drum, you are doing more than taking the flesh of your hands, generating energy into an instrument made of the flesh of a goat, wood, metal and nylon; you are being with yourself, in your present moment, joining heart to heart with every member of the group. What you feel is what is created. Ultimately, it is not about drumming. The djembe is a tool which reflects ourselves to oneself, and to one another, to share intimately our state of being. This naturally brings one into a state of joy. Being intimate with others, and they with you will bring you into a state of peace. To play a Djembe, is to come together to celebrate being, in its essence. 



(We Are Together)




We offer classes for all ages, and skill levels. Instruments can be provided. We have classes in many locations, in both Virginia and North Carolina. Visit our Calendar for more details about classes to attend in your area.


How cool would it be for your child to go to school excited, knowing they would get to play the djembe with their friends? Or to unwind from your college stress by joining friends playing joyful music? If you or a member of your board would be interested in having HoloRhythm host a performance, class, or workshop, please contact us!

Let us curate a memorable community experience by allowing our drums to do the talking. Unfortunately, sometimes an organic approach around a drum circle just doesn't hit the spot. This is where we come in: Over a decade of experience in the intuitive art of energy manifestation through group dynamics is what you need. 



Kasey "Caveman" Jones

Owner, Holorhythm Community Drum School

Floyd, Virginia



Tel: 336-624-2237