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Drum Classes

We offer classes for all ages, and skill levels. Instruments can be provided. We have classes in many locations, in both Virginia and North Carolina. Visit our Class Schedule for more details about classes to attend in your area.

School Programs

How cool would it be for your child to go to school excited, knowing they would get to play the djembe with their friends? Or to unwind from your college stress by joining friends playing joyful music? If you or a member of your board would be interested in having HoloRhythm host a performance, class, or workshop, please contact us.

Private Lessons

Are you finding a particular passage of music challenging? Would you like to learn more in depth knowledge about the music? Perhaps you’d like to learn to improvise better? Whatever your desire, we can help! 

Drum Circle Facilitation

Many times, at festivals, the drum circle is the experience that puts the icing on the cake. Even when it isn’t intended to be, the notable experience for most was their experience at the drum circle. Unfortunately, sometimes the organic approach just isn’t good enough. This is where we come. Over a decade of experience in the intuitive art of energy manifestation through group dynamics is what you need. Contact us for further details and arrangements.

Drum Tuning, Reheading and Repair

Do you have a djembe or dunun with a broken skin needing to be replaced? Does your djembe still seem functional but just doesn’t have the sound you’d like? Perhaps a tune-up is what it needs. Maybe you’ve noticed a crack in your instrument, or the edge of the drum is hurting your hands. If you have a problem, we have more cowbell! Reach out to us and we’ll see what solution brings you peace of mind!

Instruments and Accessories

We have instruments and their accessories available for you. Have a gander at our cool gear here!

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